¡Bienvenido a la prueba de nivel de inglés de ECC Idiomas!

Por favor, introduce los siguientes datos de contacto y a continuación, responde a todas las preguntas del test de nivel.

Teléfono (opcional)
They ____________ from Spain.
This is my mother. ________________ name is Mary.
Jonathan is _____________________.
Fran ___________________ horror movies.
What ____________________ now? She’s reading a comic book.
She _________________ at home yesterday.
This kitchen is a lot _________________ than my sitting room.
There aren’t _________________ pictures hanging on the wall.
The bus stop is ___________________ to the supermarket round the corner.
The children ________________________ the dog for a walk when it started to rain.
___________________ spoken in public before?
The entrance to the concert is free. You ___________________ pay to get in.
My father ____________________ wake up early because his work starts at 10 o´clock.
These are the glasses _______________ I bought in London last Christmas.
If you ______________ coffee, you _____________________ at night.
He doesn’t do any physical exercise now, but he __________ a lot when he was young.
Carlos plays football _______________________ anyone else I know.
I promise I __________________ you as soon as I’ve finished doing my homework.
A huge amount of money _________________ for that house.
Excuse me, can you ____________________ me the way to the police station, please?
Karen went to the cinema last Saturday and _________________________.
Don’t forget to take an umbrella with you ____________________ it starts raining.
We’ve discovered this great café and we __________________ there a lot.
They ____________________ at the station for 90 minutes when the train finally arrived.
We won’t catch the plane ____________________ we leave home now! Please hurry up!
You probably ____________________ an accident if you hadn’t been so tired.
The team __________________ at the exhibition for five hours by the time I arrive there.
You saw a great cellphone on sale but you didn’t have enough money. The next day, you go back to that shop. It has been sold. What do you say?
Don’t smoke in this room, ___________________?
Because of the storm and the heavy rain the flight was ____________________.
Turn this sentence into Reported Speech: “Don’t try this at home”, the stuntman told the audience.
Which sentence is not grammatically correct?
Which sentence is correct?
Select the sentence that has an error in subject-verb agreement:
The inquiry into the accident will be ________________ by David Barris, a former army general.
If your friend just said “hit me up” next time you are in the city. What does he mean by that?
If a US speaker says your “bangs” are too short, what are they giving an opinion on?
Choose the correct vocabulary to complete this sentence: The Industrial Revolution began in Britain and caused great _____________ upheaval, especially in the form of urbanization.
Which word is in British English?
What does this idiom mean: “My brother is driving me round the bend at the moment”.
It will be fine, ____________________ you do it the way I told you.
Sarah would have made sure John was here __________________ were coming too.
You are not that good at singing - ___________________ yourself!
___________________ different food from all over the world in London.
How many times ________________ not to do that?
If you continue to _____________________ debts at this rate, you will have to declare bankruptcy eventually.
As thin as ….
Janet and James had a blazing _____________________ last night.
Their ________________ made them take a trip around the world.
An ______________________ is someone who enters a place where they have no right to be.
A ______________________ is a person who has very strong and often unreasonable opinions, but is very intolerant of other people’s opinions.
He is good at __________________ others as he is at praising himself.
What is the meaning of the following idiom/phrase: END IN SMOKE
What acronym best completes this sentence: “_______________, this is the best answer.”
Which word is NOT a palindrome?
Both teams are playing well so this should make _____________ an entertaining game.
Complete the proverb: “As slow as molasses in ______________”
What does “NONCHALANT” mean?