¡Bienvenido a la prueba de nivel para jóvenes de inglés de ECC Idiomas!

Por favor, introduce los siguientes datos de contacto y a continuación, responde a todas las preguntas del test de nivel.

1. ______________ her friends from Paris?
2. She _______________ straight hair.
3. My little sister and I _____________ hard while doing our homework.
4. The baby girl saw __________ in the mirror and started to cry.
5. A lot of buses _____________ late today because of the heavy rain.
6. There _____ five teachers in the teacher’s room but there ________ only a chair.
7. Alice doesn’t have ________________ money in her pocket.
8. I think I will buy ____________ new T-shirt for my daddy.
9. Pass me the ________________ cups, please.
10. James was ill for a week before he _______________ went to the doctor.
11. It’s wet and windy outside this morning. You ________ go out with an umbrella.
12. Are you _______________ on learning a new language?
13. Rewrite this sentence using 3 WORDS including the word "TIME".

There’s no hurry – please don’t rush.

There’s no hurry – please ____________    _______________    _______________.

14. Mum, __________________ reading the paper yet?
15. I really don’t like this meal. ____________ money in the world wouldn’t get me to eat it.
16. He ___________________ the bus back home because his mother picked him up at the station.
17. Mike Carlton, who is a film director, ____________ nine movies so far, and recently he __________ directing his tenth movie.
18. Lucas ______________ by the time we got there.
19. Choose a word that is a synonym of hazardous in the following sentence: “You must be careful with hazardous material”
20. Thank you so much for the ____________ you gave us for our visits. We enjoyed our holiday here and your suggestions were very helpful.
21. Luke lost so much money as he didn’t know how to ________________ his business.
22. The teacher told him ____________________ English all the time.
23. If you ______________ to the party, you would have seen me.
24. Where is the “S” pronounced differently?
25. Find the word with a silent “H”.