¡Bienvenido a la prueba de nivel para adultos de inglés de ECC Idiomas!

Por favor, introduce los siguientes datos de contacto y a continuación, responde a todas las preguntas del test de nivel.

5. My sister _______________ to the cinema very often.

6. ______________ your parents go to bed early?

7. Anna _______ to class yesterday because she was at the hospital.

8. Lucy __________ her brother’s computer last week, so she bought a new one.

9. Don’t put _____________ salt in the soup.

10. Fill the blank

(A) Did you talk to your boss?

(B) Yes, I ___________

11. Russia is ____________ country is the world in terms of area.

12. She arrived in London three days ago. She has been there ______ three days.

13. The film star gave a party ______________cost $10.000.

14. We’ve got __________ new to play our matches. It’s a big park near the town centre.

15. Choose the correct sentence:

16. When I listened to the radio this morning, _____________ very bad. England are out of the World Cup.

17. She __________ three letters this morning, but she ________ them yet although it is already 3:00 pm.

18. What is the best answer for this following question: “What are you like?”

19. If you _______________ carefully, you ___________ have an accident.

20. Let’s go out for dinner when the movie ____________.

When will the IT guy install the software?

When ___________________ by the IT guy?

22. If the TV isn’t loud enough, turn it __________ a little.

23. (A): “I have never been to Toledo.” (B): “__________ have I.”

24. Do you mind if I open the window?

25. What ________________________ next weekend?

26. Would you mind ________________ here for a moment?

27. We ______________ the flight tickets yet.

28. If she _______ how to speak French, she would not take lessons.

29. When Suzanne _______ back tonight, she will do the washing up.

30. Sam always remembers ______________ in the garage so that the driveway is free of other cars.

31. The meeting has been put ________ to Friday as so many people have got the flu.

32. You need a _________ knowledge of how to understand this task.

33. I’m not a fan of their logo. I think they _________ changed it years ago.

34. When he was presented with a prize for his latest book he was lost for _______.

35. The weather is _______________ awful.

36. I told Julie I _________________ to come.

37. “This meat is beautifully ______________ - what recipe did you use?”

38. I think that the problem Henry has raised is a major __________ for our society today.

39. A lot is _____________ stake in these delicate negotiations.

40. We decided to go to Sweden for our holiday, ________ it meant we needed to get our passports renewed.

41. Be ______________ enough to learn from your mistakes.

42. As ____________ set in, Kerry slowly realized that he didn’t have enough energy to get to the top of Mt. Everest.

43. What does the underlined idiom mean?

The inspector was caught red handed.

44. Only when ____________ left, did we notice what she had done.

45. What type of conditional is this one?

We wouldn’t be lost if we had looked at the map.

46. What do these acronyms stand for?

Add description here!

  1. e.g.
  2. AFAIK
  3. LOL
  4. D.O.B.

47. I picked up a nasty tummy __________ while I was on holiday and couldn’t stop being sick.

48. Though the hotel was a real ______________ place with cracked windows, freezing draughts and creaking floorboards, the staff were just wonderful and we had a great time all in all.

49. The company has a lot of problems but they all seem to __________ money.

50. I’m afraid that argument really doesn’t hold ______________.